Tenant Screening


INETO RPM Property Management

Residential Property Management services.

Dedicated Management Team
Our Management Team is dedicated to the Real Estate business. Our properties, owners and residents are our top priority.
Property Make Ready
INETO RPM Team will manage the Property Make Ready work. Our team and vendor partners experience in property repairs, property readiness and current trends provide for a quick and effective Make Ready for our Rental Properties.
Risk Management
Selecting the right tenant for your property can minimize a lot of risk. INETO RPM performs extensive Tenant Screening on each applicant.
Market Analysis
INETO RPM will perform a Detailed Market Analysis to determine the Market Value of the rental property.
INETO RPM properties are marketed extensively Online to attract the most exposure for each property. Popular sites include Zillow.com, HAR.com, REALTOR.COM, Homes.com, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Issue Mitigation
INETO RPM has the experience and knowledge to handle Lease and Tenant Issues.
Sometimes Evictions are necessary. The INETO RPM Team will manage the Eviction process from start to finish.
Maintenance and Repairs
INETO RPM manages Maintenance and Repair items. Our goal is to have our Rental Property well maintained mechanically and aesthetically.
Property Inspections
INETO RPM performs detailed Move in, Move out and Periodic Property Inspections of all our Properties. Inspection reports include Photos and detailed descriptions of any problem areas.
Owners Are Informed
INETO RPM Property Owners are kept informed Real Time. Owners are notified by email, phone and online in the Owner Portal of maintenance and repair items, revenue items, upcoming vacancies and communication with the INETO RPM Team.
Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and Ad-hoc reporting is provided to our Property Owners.
Online Access 24/7
Owners are provided with access to our Online Owners Portal. There owners can review and approve or decline work orders, invoices, documents and financial information related to their properties and their tenants.
Document Storage
INETO RPM stores all documents in PDF format. Leases, Invoices, Reports and more are available to Owners in the Owner Portal.
INETO RPM records all income and expense items for each Property. Annual Income and Expense reports detailed by property, make end of year tax filing simple.
Owner Payments
Property Owners are sent funds on a monthly basis. Direct deposit and ACH Transfers are made to and from Owner Banking Institutions.